IONICUBE 1X motherboard prototype

The prototype boards of IONICUBE 1X has arrived! On-board features include:

  • Carry single IONI drive
  • On-board regenerative braking resistor drive (need just an external resistor)
  • Support mechanical end-of-travel switches and homing switch
  • Motor holding brake output with driver
  • 20 pin ribbon cable connector for I/O and setpoint signals
  • Support 3.3V, 5V and 24V1 I/O signal levels
  • Charge-pump enable input for safety
  • E-stop switch input (safe torque off)
  • ARGON Servo Drive compatible encoder connector pin-out
  • RJ45 connectors for SimpleMotion V2 usage and configuration
  • On-board 0.5A 5V regulator to power drive logic and feedback devices
  • DIN rail mounting option
IONICUBE 1X prototype (not yet assembled)

IONICUBE 1X prototype (not yet assembled)

First shipments & documentation

Many of the Early bird purchases have been shipped on Friday and rest will follow as soon as possible. The schedule of more IONICUBEs (4 axis type) are ahead of original schedule and we hope to have then all shipped within 2 weeks (also non-early birds)!

Meanwhile the user guide of IONI & IONICUBE has been completed and available at Wiki. Please check it and leave a comment about the questions it leaves unanswered.

Also feel free to add pages to the Wiki. Especially wanted pages are configuration examples in various systems (such as Mach, LinuxCNC & others). Articles doesn’t have to be polished from the start as Wiki improves it self by the help of contributors. It helps a lot if you share just your own experience of the setup. We also start to offer discounts for users making good efforts to make user guides. If interested, drop us a message :)

That’s why we test

The testing protocol of IONI drives is derived from Argon test setup and consists several steps including:

  • Chip programming and program verification
  • Testing of digital inputs & outputs
  • Testing accuracy of analog inputs (analog setpoint input as well as on-board sensor signals)
  • Testing interconnectivity of internal circuity
  • Testing all electrical functionality (such as safe torque off)
  • Burn-in testing with maximum load. The load is a large stepping motor which utilizes all four power stage channels.
  • From burn-in data, we measure time versus heating (efficiency) and torque control behavior
  • All results, data and logs are stored in SQL database where we can look for anomalies if a device fails later
IONI with one "tombstoned" 0604 size resistor

This is a reason why we test. IONI with one “tombstoned” 0604 size resistor, that would have been hard to spot without testing.

Shipping Indiegogo IONI kits

We are now starting to ship the purchases from the IONI Indiegogo campaign! In order to speed up the shipping and handling, we kindly ask you to replicate your Indiegogo order to our web shop – no payment needed. Instructions:

  1. Double-check the purchases you made from Indiegogo and also ensure that you added $30 for shipping (one time is enough, no matter how many kits you buy). If you forgot to pay $30 for shipping, go to IONI Indiegogo campaign and grab the “Forgot shipping” perk.
  2. Go to Granite Devices web shop Indiegogo category
  3. Add the kits that you have first purchased from the Indiegogo campaign
  4. Enter your shipping address, also enter your company/organization VAT ID if you have one
  5. Bonus: if you know your Pledge ID numbers, please enter them to order comment field. It will help the matching process.
  6. Proceed to checkout and select Indiegogo shipping
  7. Proceed to select payment method and choose Indiegogo purchase
  8. Submit order. Remember that payment is not needed as you have already paid through Indiegogo. Your order will be verified and marked as paid by our staff. Don’t worry if the total amount don’t match the amount you contributed, it will be corrected manually by us.

Thank you!

PS. Everyone will be fulfilled even if they don’t do this procedure. However, the ones entering order on web shop will be served faster.

Stretch goals

The stretch goal rewards will be also available for those who want shipment early:

  1. Exclusive IONI Pro edition (on $30k mark) – the 18 Amp version will be made as firmware upgrade that works on devices with campaign specific serial numbers
  2. Extra IONI for everyone (on $50k mark) – this will be fulfilled by giving a discount coupon that gives equivalent value discount in the web shop. So you can get your extra drive later or give/sell the coupon to your friend.

80/20 law

The Pareto’s principle has been shown true once again. It says that 80% of work comes from 20% of remaining things. The last two weeks have been so busy finishing & perfecting IONI that I had barely time to eat properly or check emails. Luckily 2 weeks ago we were not at 80% but 99% so that 2 weeks was enough to fill the missing 1%. This reminded me why I don’t like to promise any fixed dates but rather say “when it’s ready”.

Today finally the firmware and testing rig has been finalized and frozen. First set of devices are now tested and the shippings begin on Friday. Next up: the user guide :)


The single axis motherboard IONICUBE 1X design is ready and sent to PCB fab for prototyping today. Prototype should be here within 2 weeks.




Amazing job by everyone attending to the Indiegogo campaign! Without word of mouth and sharing it would have not been possible in a such short time. Thank you!

IONI has been launched at Indiegogo!

Goal exceeded in one day

We’re already planning to arrange early fulfillments for the early birds and adding stretched goals.

The wait is over!

Everything is ready for launch now, so we don’t hesitate to do it! IONI and IONICUBE products can be obtained with very attractive launch campaign prices through INDIEGOGO crowdfunding site and at normal prices through the web shop.

Indiegogo campaign ends in after 21 days and purchases are realized if campaign goal is met during that time. So please share the link and get people involved to make it happen!

It's ready!

They are ready! Are you?

Indiegogo campaign

We are going to launch an Indiegogo campaign where one may obtain IONICUBE and IONI Pros for a very attractive prices for a ~20 day period. I would put a countdown timer in here, but I’m not sure if there is some form of acceptance for IGG projects before they appear publicly. Anyway, it shall become online within this week! Same time these will appear on the web shop for immediate purchasing.

Meanwhile, please take a look on the latest video:

Short circuit test

Testing IONI servo motor drive short circuit ruggedness. Drive supplied with maximum voltage and spinning a 1 kW motor maximum speed while it’s being short circuited (it’s the worst case scenario).

Spoiler: it does not break.