Indiegogo campaign

We are going to launch an Indiegogo campaign where one may obtain IONICUBE and IONI Pros for a very attractive prices for a ~20 day period. I would put a countdown timer in here, but I’m not sure if there is some form of acceptance for IGG projects before they appear publicly. Anyway, it shall become online within this week! Same time these will appear on the web shop for immediate purchasing.

Meanwhile, please take a look on the latest video:

6 thoughts on “Indiegogo campaign

  1. I saw mach3.. does this mean you have solved simplemotion -> mach3 integration now? =)

  2. Hello!

    I am not sure why you need Indiegogo.
    Will you sale Ionis in shop at higher price now, and offer funding at lower price to receive them sometime in the future (weeks, months)?

    Bye, Franc

    • IGG was chosen because it has higher global visibility than the web shop. IONI’s are now also available from the web shop for direct purchase.

      I hope we could start shipping IGG purchases before the campaign ends. That may be possible if the goal is met before the end of campaign and if IGG lets us see the list of buyers during the campaign.

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