Short circuit test

Testing IONI servo motor drive short circuit ruggedness. Drive supplied with maximum voltage and spinning a 1 kW motor maximum speed while it’s being short circuited (it’s the worst case scenario).

Spoiler: it does not break.

4 thoughts on “Short circuit test

  1. Tero,
    Impressive, truly fool-proof!

    This will go a long way in the direct drive FFB world!

    Phillip Metso

  2. Well done! Tero,
    It is scary thing to do with Argon when supply with high voltage.


  3. Well done!

    But, It is scary to do this on Argon with high voltage powered. Fuse will blow or something else!


    • Yes, its bit scary and usually results screwdriver welding to the terminals, but drive won’t break or even fuse won’t blow :)

      However, it’s advised not to try it at home.

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