The wait is over!

Everything is ready for launch now, so we don’t hesitate to do it! IONI and IONICUBE products can be obtained with very attractive launch campaign prices through INDIEGOGO crowdfunding site and at normal prices through the web shop.

Indiegogo campaign ends in after 21 days and purchases are realized if campaign goal is met during that time. So please share the link and get people involved to make it happen!

It's ready!

They are ready! Are you?

5 thoughts on “The wait is over!

  1. Perfect ! … the next week will take one for me.
    the new ioni family … great job !
    Regards from Spain.

  2. Hi, Is possible or compatible connect PC to ionicube motherboard through the VSD-E Parallel Interface (VSDEPI) … for management by LinuxCNC by paralel port ?
    Fermin ( Spain )

    • VSDEPI is not needed with IONICUBE as cube does the same thing + more. If you’re using parallel port, then a straight D-25 to 26 pin flat cable will do the wiring for you.

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