BL series servo motors are back

Due to popular demand, we brought BL series servo motors back in stock!

They have little bit different specifications than the earlier BL series motors. Now these motors are rated between 24 and 48 VDC which makes them ideal match with IONI drives. Also BL70 series motors have been upgraded from 4 000 CPR to 10 000 CPR encoders for smoother and stiffer operation.

Servo motor selection

Servo motor selection

IONICUBE 1X now available

The awaited IONICUBE 1X has been now released and available through the web shop! Also documentation is online in the Wiki.



On-board features include:

  • Carry single IONI drive
  • On-board regenerative braking resistor drive (need just an external resistor)
  • Support mechanical end-of-travel switches and homing switch
  • Motor holding brake output with driver
  • 20 pin ribbon cable connector for I/O and setpoint signals
  • Support 3.3V, 5V and 24V1 I/O signal levels
  • Charge pump enable input for safety
  • E-stop switch input (safe torque off)
  • ARGON Servo Drive and IONICUBE (4 axis) compatible encoder connector pin-out
  • RJ45 connectors for SimpleMotion V2 usage and configuration
  • On-board 0.5A 5V regulator to power drive logic and feedback devices
  • DIN rail mounting option

Granity for Linux

Granity configuration software has been successfully compiled on LinuxCNC distribution and works without any issues (except the default screen resolution being quite low :). The plan is to include pre-compiled Granity for Linux in the future releases.

Granity running on LinuxCNC distribution

Granity running on LinuxCNC 2.6 distribution

In other news, Granity 1.8 is coming soon with Argon support. Same time the Argon firmware version 2.0 will be introduced.

SinCos encoder support in IONI Pro

The new IONI firmware version has been released! It adds long awaited SinCos encoder support to the drive.

See the video below as comparison of SinCos and incremental encoder. The main advantages of SinCos are: silent (no dither), more stiffness and more precision. The only drawbacks are the availability and price of such encoders.

The other added features include application specific functionality for torque mode. This includes rotation limit (added safety) and torque setpoint scaling by analog input. These may be useful especially for OpenSimWheel project builders.