Resolver/synchro feedback support in the next FW

I have been testing a resolver feedback couple of days now for Argon and it seems promising already! It’s working very well in the prototype code and it provides position resolution of 8192 counts per revolution.

As resolver is analog sensor, it’s sensitive to noise sources such as unshielded motor leads but this doesn’t seem to be huge problem. Motor will make some hissing sound but otherwise it “feels” just like encoder. However unlike incremental encoders, resolver is absolute position sensor (meaning that the instantly drive knows absolute motor angle, not just the amount turned from the beginning of measure). The benefit of this is elimination of the need of Hall sensors and/or phasing during drive power-on initialization.

Argon Firmware & Granity version 1.1.0 released

A new Argon firmware has been released today. Version 1.1.0 adds few new functions and among other adjustments, it includes the performance increase discussed in the earlier post.

Granity software

Granity servo tuning software

Full change logs and download can be found from the Wiki (Firmware, Granity).

Update: Turned out there was a clitch in one of the new features. FW version 1.1.1 has been released to address that.

Get a voucher and meet us at SPS IPC DRIVES 2013 exhibition

I and my colleague are going to exhibit at SPS IPC DRIVES on 26. – 28.11.2013 at Nuremberg, Germany. This is the very first time we go out for such event as exhibitor.

The Argon offer available from our booth!

The Argon offer available from our booth! The banner says Open Source firmware, which is planned to be release right after the exhibition.

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