High current IONI model in production

We will be soon receiving a pilot batch of the new enhanced IONI model with the best-in-class power MOSFET transistors to increase the current capacity. Other change is an increase of voltage sense range, which will allow few volts more usable voltage range.

We’re thinking the naming of it. I thinki IONI HC Pro would sound clumsy. Perhaps something like IONI XPro would suit better. What do you think? Or perhaps give an idea in comments. If your suggestion is chosen, you will win a free high current IONI with the very first serial number!

Update: we will arrange a poll within our staff to pick the winner! All entries before Monday 12 October will make it to the voting. Keep the ideas coming!

21 thoughts on “High current IONI model in production

  1. Here are a few ideas:
    Ioni Xtended
    Ioni Xtreme
    AnIoni (from the Greek word meaning up)
    Ioni Quantum
    Ioni Next
    Ioni Up
    Ioni Gold or Titanium or Platinum

  2. Hi, Tero.
    I’m really interested in High current IONI model for sim. steering system use.

    Here is my suggestion.
    IONI BFE Pro.

    What about this?
    BFE means Big FET Edition.

    Hope you like it.

  3. Moro Moro Tero,
    Glad this is making the way to us Simracers. I will visit Tampere again close to the end of October and are hoping to meet for a beer :)

    I have had a thought for a name for the new IONI, it is the same one I am using for my FFB wheels based on IONI.

    ‘IONI Bruteforce’ -> designed specifically for the most physical of Sim Racers!

    Hopefully that is catchy and will be selected.

    Anyway, wil email, you with dates when I am there.

    Phillip (Australia)

  4. Ha, me again,
    Maybe ‘IONI Hyperdrive’

    Can you tell I am desperate to win one of these boards.


  5. Nice to see that the developement continues.
    Keen to try it on my Ioni based OSW.
    I would call it Ioni Pro²

  6. good news!

    and about the ionizer project (external power stage board)? this version will be the alternative, or the ionizer project still alive?


  7. Do we have an idea about the price?

    I was thinking about IONY Pro or IONII Pro, with just a red line for the “Y” or another next to the “I” added to the original concept. I did some illustration but WordPress blogs seems to have troubles with my links.

  8. Very good ideas! I’ll arrange a poll within our staff to pick the winner :)

    Keep them coming! All entries before Monday 12 Oct will make it to the voting.

  9. hi

    I propose IONI Torque or IONI Torque+

    in relation to the increase in the maximum current, which will have more torque at the engine outlet

  10. Ioni Pro 15 A ( 15 Ampere version )
    Ioni Pro 25 A ( 25 Ampere version )
    Ioni Pro max Amp

    Just a thought.

  11. I have another proposition here.

    IONI Granite Pro.

    Granite means not only Granite Devices but also Granite is one of the hardest stones in the world.

    I think IONI High Current Model which has the best-in-class power MOSFET transistors is able to be titled “GRANITE”.

    • I forgot to say.

      The meaning of the hardest is the same as the strongest.
      So, “Granite” titled IONI High Current Model would be the strongest one among IONI.

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