We have a winner!

We have got green light from box manufacturer from the competition candidates and I’m happy to present you the winning work from Tomasz! The submitted work shows high degree of artistic skills and creativity yielding a simple yet attractive design.

Box competition winner

Box competition winner submission. The printed version will be based on either one of the upper row designs.

I and rest of the Granite Devices are very thankful for all the participants! It was fun and turned out to be very successful competition.

Finding power limits, part 2

Long time since last tech related post! Today continued the test to find Argon drive power limits (see earlier tests here). This time I loaded drive’s internal AC to DC power supply with an old room heater while simultaneously measuring transmitted power from AC and DC lines.

The heater pulled 1.53 kW from drive HV DC bus for about 45 minutes continuously with only passive cooling of the drive. Temperatures were measured from multiple points of drive along PSU current path (components & PCB traces) to find out if anything is overheating. I’m happy to report that everything stayed relatively cool which means the drive is capable of at least 1.5 kW output continuously! The hottests parts inside were 8 Amp fuses which is easily helped by using larger fuses.

Competition finished!

I would like to thank everyone attending to the box artwork competition. We definitely got some useful material that will be printed on boxes.The winner will be announced ASAP this week.


At the moment we are waiting for box manufacturer’s comments about printability of some designs candidates. The winner will be announced right after they respond!

2 days left!

There’s still plenty of time to submit your idea to the box competition. Currently submitter’s chances of winning are good as no huge flood of submits (at least yet!) have been recorded.

Meanwhile the other news in Argon project:

  • I have been mostly designing the routine test for the factory making Argons. This needs quite careful thinking because as usual,¬†everything¬†must be tested. No single I/O pin or internal circuit feature shall pass without being verified to be good.
  • Also the design for USB SimpleMotion V2 adapter that is needed to communicate with Argons have been finalized and placed in production