We have a winner!

We have got green light from box manufacturer from the competition candidates and I’m happy to present you the winning work from Tomasz! The submitted work shows high degree of artistic skills and creativity yielding a simple yet attractive design.

Box competition winner

Box competition winner submission. The printed version will be based on either one of the upper row designs.

I and rest of the Granite Devices are very thankful for all the participants! It was fun and turned out to be very successful competition.

4 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. How is this design supposed to work on the actual box? The good looking one (upper right) is breaching the 20% rule most likely too ;)

    Just being jealous, so congrats anyways!

    • Probably yes at least if you assume back side being also half black, but it can be adjusted to 20% by reducing paint size and using grayscales. At least upper left is valid by all rules.

  2. When will these be available, i am in the process of building a lathe and small CNC mill, that be perfect, please can you email me.

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