Wanted: hacker

hacker_debugliveCurious to learn what’s inside in the top-tier servo drives? Want to put your ideas in motion? Are you a natural born microcontroller hacker suited for the job?

In other words, we’re now hiring the best of the best hacker available to take a major role in servo drive firmware development. If your socks started spinning already, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance and drop Granite Devices your CV now!

SimuCUBE status update

Just a quick update on how things are going with SimuCUBE; we are waiting for the first set of final SimuCUBE PCBs to arrive within a week to verify that everything is ok. Also the first prototype of the acrylic case for NDR-480 and SDR-480 power supplies is cut and assembled, after a couple of adjustments everything seems to work fine and the cases are going in to production next.


ATOMI – the ultimate 4 axis CNC controller

We’re proud to announce ATOMI, the revolutionary multi axis drive for CNC applications. It is a closed loop stepper drive that essentially turns stepping motors into servo motors. ATOMI gives the benefits of both worlds: reliability of servos and high torque of steppers.

ATOMI age is coming

ATOMI age is coming

ATOMI will be launched in the Indiegogo on Q2/2016. Stay tuned and grab the early bird specials!

Ps. it is largely based on IONI technology. IONI Pro will get all the same features than ATOMI through firmware upgrades.

Merry Christmas!

I wish merry Christmas and the best new year for all of our followers, supporters, customers and contributors! Much of new activity will follow in the beginning of 2016.

Best Regards,
Tero Kontkanen

Starting a force feedback system build

Now it’s official – as hobby project I’m going to build a servo motor based force feedback wheel to be used with racing simulation! As side project I’ll be thinking of how to make drives even better suited for this task.

This is all I got now. Haven't decided yet whether I'll be using IONI or ARGON with the motor.

This is all I’ve got now. Haven’t decided yet whether I’ll be using IONI or ARGON with the motor.

As I’m not throughly familiar with all the details, the first thing in is to gather information to get me started. If you wish to help, please share some useful FFB related links in the comments!

Thank you!

The IONI Indiegogo campaign is now finished and has exceeded our most wishful original goals. I can’t figure out a way to express how thankful I am to all the contributors and word-spreaders that made it happen! So thank you!

Our next task is to oviously to fulfill all the shipments :) If you haven’t entered/duplicated your perk order to Granite Devices web shop already, please do it now as instructed in this post. That will help us great deal and will speed up the deliveries.

Contribution over time

Contribution over time

Contributions by country

Contributions by country

Oh, and happy easter too! :)

80/20 law

The Pareto’s principle has been shown true once again. It says that 80% of work comes from 20% of remaining things. The last two weeks have been so busy finishing & perfecting IONI that I had barely time to eat properly or check emails. Luckily 2 weeks ago we were not at 80% but 99% so that 2 weeks was enough to fill the missing 1%. This reminded me why I don’t like to promise any fixed dates but rather say “when it’s ready”.

Today finally the firmware and testing rig has been finalized and frozen. First set of devices are now tested and the shippings begin on Friday. Next up: the user guide :)


Amazing job by everyone attending to the Indiegogo campaign! Without word of mouth and sharing it would have not been possible in a such short time. Thank you!

IONI has been launched at Indiegogo!

Goal exceeded in one day

We’re already planning to arrange early fulfillments for the early birds and adding stretched goals.