SimuCUBE status update

Just a quick update on how things are going with SimuCUBE; we are waiting for the first set of final SimuCUBE PCBs to arrive within a week to verify that everything is ok. Also the first prototype of the acrylic case for NDR-480 and SDR-480 power supplies is cut and assembled, after a couple of adjustments everything seems to work fine and the cases are going in to production next.


6 thoughts on “SimuCUBE status update

  1. Looks awesome! I like fan postion – which provide air flow to both PSU air holes and SimuCUBE at the same time.

  2. Hello

    I have missed the awesome offer on indiego.
    Will the kit be up for sale again anytime soon?

    Ben Oh

    • SimuCUBE will be available from our online shop after all the Indiegogo orders have been fulfilled and we get the hardware in stock normally. At the moment it should be in early June, might be sooner, might be later, we will announce the date in the blog when we know.

  3. I was wondering when the Indiegogo orders will begin shipping.
    Kindest regards,

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