Argon firmware 2.0 is out!

After long beta phase of Argon 2.0 firmware with lots of received feedback and experience, we finally made 2.0 to official production version. Seems like “2.0 beta 5″ was mature enough to be turned as offical 2.0
To see full list of changes compared to 1.x series and downloads, see Argon fifmware releases at Wiki.

4 thoughts on “Argon firmware 2.0 is out!

  1. Are there any plans to add simulated encoder output to the IONI and/or bring the new filters and torque effects from the IONI to the Argon?

    • I tested simulated encoder ouptut on IONI and it was bit too much jittering to my taste which rendered the benefits of that quite questionable. However, if that is ok for some applications, then why not.

      Torque effects on Argon is under research. It will come if there is enough CPU resources left.

  2. Regarding argon 2.0 , will the added encoder capabilities allow someone to use something like an akm with a resolver, rather than encoder, since the specs on 2.0 seem to indicate there is some sort of new interpretation ability to translate the to encoder cpr. If possible, would it interpret the resolver at the highest possible cpr(or ppr) avail, which seems to have increased to 4,000,000???

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