Argon user guide & Granity release this week

Just as a quick update: the first revisions of Argon user guide on wiki and Granity software shall be ready during this week which finally allows the real utilization of the drives. Stay tuned!

In the other news: manufacturing of the next batch of Argons has been scheduled for this week, too. We should have more units available for shipping by the end of the next week (but I’m optimistic about it: could happen even on this week)!

Granity preview downloadable

I made work-in-progress preview version of Granity available for download so one can already take a look around it and perhaps even provide some initial feelings about it! I also added a new poll about how you would like the software to be distributed.

Granity preview version is able to connect to device but will not change drive settings

The preview version is able to connect to a drive but will not change drive settings, just yet

Download Granity Preview here (14.5 Mb)

The first shipments

The first Argon units were shipped today! This is the last production batch which is distributed directly from Tampere because in the future we will use a warehousing & fulfillment service which yields faster delivery times around the world.

The first Argon units packaged & ready to go!

The first Argon units packaged & ready to go!

On the next post I will give a preview version of Granity software for download. Stay tuned!

ARGON servo drive in stock & shipping!

After Argon prototypes have been inspected, analyzed, measured and stress tested in every imaginable way and found no flaws, we have no choice but start believing it’s as good as it needs to be!

This is a great day for me and Granite Devices – Argon servo drive hardware is now fully completed and officially available worldwide via the web shop! Argon is launched with an limited time introductory price of 389 eur/pcs while the normal price is 489 eur/pcs.

ARGON in the web shop

ARGON in the web shop

While hardware is being shipped to the first customers, Granity configuration software and documentation Wiki will be finished and made officially available. So if one receives drive within next days, one may need to wait some time for Granity become available before drives are usable.

ARGON product page in the main web site

ARGON product page in the main web site

Argon testing procedure complete!

“If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” That could describe the ideology behind the quality assurance procedure designed for the Argon drives. The testing hardware & software platform is now fully complete and I did already run the tests for the drives I have in my hands now. This means, drives are being now prepared for shipping!

There will be a dedicated post when items are placed to our web shop for ordering. It could be today or tomorrow!