Granity preview downloadable

I made work-in-progress preview version of Granity available for download so one can already take a look around it and perhaps even provide some initial feelings about it! I also added a new poll about how you would like the software to be distributed.

Granity preview version is able to connect to device but will not change drive settings

The preview version is able to connect to a drive but will not change drive settings, just yet

Download Granity Preview here (14.5 Mb)

11 thoughts on “Granity preview downloadable

  1. for the distribution of software, a ZIP file is useful for some proxy network that filter file types and blocks the download EXE file
    without software instalation by windows also allows the use without the need for human administrations on a computer during the instalation

    • Good point! However, the installer should not require admin access as it doesn’t write anything to system folders. (but not sure if it still does)

  2. hi tero
    I read the documentation about the braking resistance
    how to calculated according to our machine and motor?

    • We’re considering it. Technically there is no problem as it is developed mostly on Linux, however distributing apps on linux is difficult due to imcompatibilites between distros. Perhaps we share it “as is” for linux for the people who know how to make it run.

    • A nice idea (didn’t come in my mind before) but we would eventually have lots of old version sticks in the stock. We rather stay with online download to automatically provide the latest version.

  3. hi tero
    I explored the configuration software for argon
    I have found the setting Current max motor
    but nothing compared to the maximum voltage motor

    • There is no voltage limit for motor as motors don’t care about it as long as it’s below the insulation breakdown limit. Typically coil insulations are specified at least for 500V.

  4. There is any prevision to have granity ready?
    I must plan my work and a date would be important.

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