Motor torque cogging & uniformity compensation

Development today focused on improving torque smoothness of motors. Some motors, especially cheaper ones and stepping motors, suffer from cogging torque:

Cogging torque of electrical motors is the torque due to the interaction between the permanent magnets of the rotor and the stator slots of a Permanent Magnet (PM) machine. It is also known as detent or ‘no-current’ torque. This torque is position dependent and its periodicity per revolution depends on the number of magnetic poles and the number of teeth on the stator.”

This can be compensated by modulating motor current to counter the motor cogging. The firmware under development adds options to adjust compensation current by few new parameters.

Perfecting motor with cogging and uniformity compensations

Perfecting motor with cogging and uniformity compensations

In addition to cogging torque, the new feature allows compensating also nonuniformity of torque production. I.e. if motor torque setpoint is kept constant and motor is being turned, it may produce variable amount of torque due to same reasons than cogging. Nonuniformity compensation will modulate the torque setpoint by a selected sine or cosine function and amplitude.

The new feature beta will become available for IONI Pro in the soon upcoming FW release. We hope that this will bring cost of any motor control system down as cheaper motor could achieve nearly same smoothness as expensive ones.

The name is IONI Pro HC

Thousands thanks for contributing premium name suggestions! After a lot of consideration we chose to go with IONI Pro HC ending after drive model because:

  • HC extension indicates about something additional to original model. We didn’t want to remove “Pro” from the name to avoid confusion.
  • Short and simple
  • Works also with non-pro version (IONI HC)
  • Logical and extensible, maybe we add IONI Pro HV (high voltage) someday

Oddly, Pro HC ending never crossed my mind, I was just thinking HC Pro which I didn’t like that much. Pro HC was suggested by Thomas in Facebook comments. Congratulations for your very first serial numbered IONI Pro HC drive!

We’ll keep the other names in reserve for possible future use. If your contribution is picked later, you will be rewarded for sure.

High current IONIs arrived!

We’ve got our hands on the pilot run high current IONIs yesterday! Everything is working as expected which makes development straightforward.

Today I spent full day adapting the drive firmware, bootloader firmware and testing application to support the new hardware. It took some time to create a system where the one and only firmware runs on both hardware models. Firmware detects the underlying hardware model and automatically adjusts it’s operation accordingly.

Thank you for all the great name proposals! We are having difficult time choosing one among so many good options. The winner will be announced soon :)

Last chance to utilize the web shop launch discounts

Tomorrow (Friday 9 Oct) is the last day the new web shop launch campaign is running. So act now to avoid missing it! Also, SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter (SMV2USB) is now back in stock in large quantities.

GD at ELKOM exhibition

GD at ELKOM exhibition

On the other news, we have got a very positive visit to ELKOM exhibition at Helsinki during 6-8 Oct. To celebrate the fair, we are giving extra 5% off from Argon drives before 9 Oct with coupon code “ELKOM”.

High current IONI model in production

We will be soon receiving a pilot batch of the new enhanced IONI model with the best-in-class power MOSFET transistors to increase the current capacity. Other change is an increase of voltage sense range, which will allow few volts more usable voltage range.

We’re thinking the naming of it. I thinki IONI HC Pro would sound clumsy. Perhaps something like IONI XPro would suit better. What do you think? Or perhaps give an idea in comments. If your suggestion is chosen, you will win a free high current IONI with the very first serial number!

Update: we will arrange a poll within our staff to pick the winner! All entries before Monday 12 October will make it to the voting. Keep the ideas coming!