High current IONIs arrived!

We’ve got our hands on the pilot run high current IONIs yesterday! Everything is working as expected which makes development straightforward.

Today I spent full day adapting the drive firmware, bootloader firmware and testing application to support the new hardware. It took some time to create a system where the one and only firmware runs on both hardware models. Firmware detects the underlying hardware model and automatically adjusts it’s operation accordingly.

Thank you for all the great name proposals! We are having difficult time choosing one among so many good options. The winner will be announced soon :)

6 thoughts on “High current IONIs arrived!

  1. I can hardly wait too, about time I can drive my Lenze servo to its full potential :)

    Thanx for making this possible, Tero, and looking forward catching up on Thursday evening over beers.


  2. Does the high current ionis use the same motherboard of the pro ones?? i got one from the campaign early bird version with 18 a pos

    • We are testing HC models as we speak. First batch will be sent to warehouse this week and they should be available for shipping the next week.

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