The name is IONI Pro HC

Thousands thanks for contributing premium name suggestions! After a lot of consideration we chose to go with IONI Pro HC ending after drive model because:

  • HC extension indicates about something additional to original model. We didn’t want to remove “Pro” from the name to avoid confusion.
  • Short and simple
  • Works also with non-pro version (IONI HC)
  • Logical and extensible, maybe we add IONI Pro HV (high voltage) someday

Oddly, Pro HC ending never crossed my mind, I was just thinking HC Pro which I didn’t like that much. Pro HC was suggested by Thomas in Facebook comments. Congratulations for your very first serial numbered IONI Pro HC drive!

We’ll keep the other names in reserve for possible future use. If your contribution is picked later, you will be rewarded for sure.

One thought on “The name is IONI Pro HC

  1. I think IONI Pro HC is good name for the new IONI model.

    This name has literal meaning same as this feature for controlling High Current.
    Congratulations, Thomas!

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