ATOMI – the ultimate 4 axis CNC controller

We’re proud to announce ATOMI, the revolutionary multi axis drive for CNC applications. It is a closed loop stepper drive that essentially turns stepping motors into servo motors. ATOMI gives the benefits of both worlds: reliability of servos and high torque of steppers.

ATOMI age is coming

ATOMI age is coming

ATOMI will be launched in the Indiegogo on Q2/2016. Stay tuned and grab the early bird specials!

Ps. it is largely based on IONI technology. IONI Pro will get all the same features than ATOMI through firmware upgrades.

Peak power limit feature is coming

Today’s development on IONI Pro has revolved around the development of feature called Peak power limit. With that, user can set the exact amount of Watts that drive is allowed to transfer from PSU to motor.

This may be useful when using drive from a switch mode power supplies that normally shut down on overload condition. With this parameter, one can set exact amount of power that is available from PSU to prevent overloads. This also helps to save money on power supply as there is less need oversize the PSU in order to handle the highest load peaks.

Force feedback wheel update

Our FFB wheel build is taking big steps forward. This rig may have world’s first laser gas & brake pedals. And the biggest wheel motor too!

Thanks to Aki for design, tooling and video. Stay tuned for more progress, during this time we have have got many ideas how to improve electronics & software of FFB systems.