Force feedback wheel update

Our FFB wheel build is taking big steps forward. This rig may have world’s first laser gas & brake pedals. And the biggest wheel motor too!

Thanks to Aki for design, tooling and video. Stay tuned for more progress, during this time we have have got many ideas how to improve electronics & software of FFB systems.

5 thoughts on “Force feedback wheel update

  1. that is a pretty serious torque :) maybe I will try this with a ioni drive. any possibility to use this with Project Cars?


  2. How are you using a sin cos encoder?? the mmos project only allows incremental encoder at the moment.

  3. Khihihi :) Nice stuff with the laser pedals! The only advice I can really give you guys is to really use gloves (at least 15$ kart gloves). If you happen to be distracted for a second and sth goes crazy on you youll be happy about it. I speak from personal experience from the early days, still have a few scars left on my hand from burns I got..

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