Peak power limit feature is coming

Today’s development on IONI Pro has revolved around the development of feature called Peak power limit. With that, user can set the exact amount of Watts that drive is allowed to transfer from PSU to motor.

This may be useful when using drive from a switch mode power supplies that normally shut down on overload condition. With this parameter, one can set exact amount of power that is available from PSU to prevent overloads. This also helps to save money on power supply as there is less need oversize the PSU in order to handle the highest load peaks.

4 thoughts on “Peak power limit feature is coming

  1. Hi Tero, I want a small Please call:
    Could you also a “IONI Pro UHC” (Ultra High Current) for 40A peak with the use of brush DC motors (300W-class) offer?
    With best regards,
    Klaus (Herford, Germany)

    • This might become possible with the latest revision of IONI HC Pro as we changed one component there to allow going even higher currents, especially in DC mode. I could roll you a test firmware if you’d like to try (but either soldering of earlier HC, or a new HC drive is needed).

      • Oh thank you, that’s great! I’ll wait patiently. So far I had not bought it for this reason. Insofar soon all wishes are fulfilled (especially if “Mach4″ attachment is available, but I know that you are working on the matter).

        • Mach4 plugin is now in works and it works in proof-of-concept level already. We need to polish it and make it run flawlessly before we call Mach4 support official.

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