80/20 law

The Pareto’s principle has been shown true once again. It says that 80% of work comes from 20% of remaining things. The last two weeks have been so busy finishing & perfecting IONI that I had barely time to eat properly or check emails. Luckily 2 weeks ago we were not at 80% but 99% so that 2 weeks was enough to fill the missing 1%. This reminded me why I don’t like to promise any fixed dates but rather say “when it’s ready”.

Today finally the firmware and testing rig has been finalized and frozen. First set of devices are now tested and the shippings begin on Friday. Next up: the user guide :)

4 thoughts on “80/20 law

  1. Hi Tero,

    I pledged for a 4 Axis kit on indiegogo…would it be possible to add an Argon resolver adapter to my order when you ship it? That would save me a decent amount on shipping.

    Also, someone has already asked on the indiegogo site, but in case you don’t see it, I’ll ask here: Any plans to do closed loop control for stepper motors (for either Argon or IONI)? Specifically field oriented control so that we can have torque control mode. This would open the door to use relatively cheaper stepper motors for the OSW and many other applications. From what little I know about it, it sounds like both IONI and Argon already have the required hardware capabilities?

    Thank you guys for all your effort and hard work; I am really looking forward to playing around with my IONI kit soon!

    • Yes, we can do that. I added to my list so we don’t forget the request so easy :)

      The torque mode (and other modes) with encoder+stepper is now possible. It took just a small change in FW and will be in the next release.

      • Excellent! Thank you! I know you’re swamped with the IONI launch, but can the stepper torque control be added to the Argon firmware as well? I assume it’s the same method as torque control for a 3-phase servo, but adapted for 2-phase and a lot more poles?

        Also, while I have your attention… :) …if I decide to add a 1 axis IONI kit on indiegogo, I don’t need to pay the $30 shipping again, right?

        Cheers, and thank you again for your great support!

        • In argon there is 3-phase power stage (no 4 lanes that is needed for two phase steppers). So you can use it if you get a 3-phase stepper.

          Thanks for the additional purchase :) No need to pay multiple times of shipping as items will be combined to one.

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