The single axis motherboard IONICUBE 1X design is ready and sent to PCB fab for prototyping today. Prototype should be here within 2 weeks.



4 thoughts on “IONICUBE 1X

  1. Cool. Can’t wait for mine.
    A quick off topic question:
    What determines the voltage limitations of ioni vs argon?
    Is it just the rating of the mosfets or are there other forces in place?

    • Several factors set the voltage rating:
      1) Components (mosfets, capacitors etc)
      2) PCB layout (trace clearances & creepages)
      3) Isolation (user touchable I/O need to be galvanicallyisolated above certain voltage)
      4) Testing (isolation need to be tested in production on each manufactured device, in Argon the test voltage is 1500 VAC)

  2. Very excited to put my hands on !
    IONICUBE 1X does not seem to be fitted with the bracking MOSFET. Could you confirm that point ?

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