Granity for Linux

Granity configuration software has been successfully compiled on LinuxCNC distribution and works without any issues (except the default screen resolution being quite low :). The plan is to include pre-compiled Granity for Linux in the future releases.

Granity running on LinuxCNC distribution

Granity running on LinuxCNC 2.6 distribution

In other news, Granity 1.8 is coming soon with Argon support. Same time the Argon firmware version 2.0 will be introduced.

4 thoughts on “Granity for Linux

  1. Moro Tero,
    This is good news indeed, as some of the IONI kits I have purchased will go towards my CNC Mill, and I would like to run Linux.

    Thank you for all your efforts, once again.

    Kind regards,

  2. That’s great news!

    I hope soon that linuxcnc can control Ioni/Argon drives directly by simpletomion instead of traditional analog/step/pwm methods :)

  3. Hi, I have been lucky enough to be given a couple of brand new 3KW Sanyo Denko Q1 200V AC servos complete with the encoders, model Q1AA13300DXS00. I am wondering whether I could run these off an Argon drive, albeit under-powered but effectively using them to give me up to the 1500W maximum rating from the drive? I’ll prob never need this sort of power motor but they are a nice durable heavy duty servo so why not use them so long as they can be used on the Argon to the safe limits of the Argon without damaging the Argon drive?? My gut feel says yes but I wonder is there anything not clever about this?

    Any one got an opinion on this?


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