That’s why we test

The testing protocol of IONI drives is derived from Argon test setup and consists several steps including:

  • Chip programming and program verification
  • Testing of digital inputs & outputs
  • Testing accuracy of analog inputs (analog setpoint input as well as on-board sensor signals)
  • Testing interconnectivity of internal circuity
  • Testing all electrical functionality (such as safe torque off)
  • Burn-in testing with maximum load. The load is a large stepping motor which utilizes all four power stage channels.
  • From burn-in data, we measure time versus heating (efficiency) and torque control behavior
  • All results, data and logs are stored in SQL database where we can look for anomalies if a device fails later
IONI with one "tombstoned" 0604 size resistor

This is a reason why we test. IONI with one “tombstoned” 0604 size resistor, that would have been hard to spot without testing.

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