New web site

To celebrate the launch of the completely redesigned main web site, we have started an ARGON & IONI sale campaign that lasts for one week. Grab the discount coupon code from the main site front page before it’s gone!

The new site

The new site

The web site is the first complete renewal since the original site introduced 2007. All content has been written my self to guarantee maximum accuracy in details. I hope it’s more clear and informative than the old one :)

ATOMI – the ultimate 4 axis CNC controller

We’re proud to announce ATOMI, the revolutionary multi axis drive for CNC applications. It is a closed loop stepper drive that essentially turns stepping motors into servo motors. ATOMI gives the benefits of both worlds: reliability of servos and high torque of steppers.

ATOMI age is coming

ATOMI age is coming

ATOMI will be launched in the Indiegogo on Q2/2016. Stay tuned and grab the early bird specials!

Ps. it is largely based on IONI technology. IONI Pro will get all the same features than ATOMI through firmware upgrades.

IONI firmware 1.4.0 gets floating point precision

To celebrate the new year 2016, we have released a new IONI firmware version 1.4.0. It includes rewritten torque controller that uses 32 bit floating point precision arithmetics instead of integer arithmetics. As IONI has hardware FPU, it yielded faster code execution time as well. This makes more room for the new upcoming features.

  • ¬†Improvements
    • IONI Pro HC model maximum output current in AC/BLDC/Stepper modes increased to 25A (was 23A)
    • Re-implemented torque controller using 32 bit floating point arithmetics instead of integer arithmetics (at least theoretical precision improvement)
    • DC motor mode no longer requires parallel connection of drive output phases if current is at most 50% of drive’s maximum output current capability (sensitivity of overcurrent fault with Fault ID 440219 is greatly reduced).
  • Fixes
    • Changed limit switch polarity: earlier limit switches needed to be normally open (NO), while drive specifications say that they are normally closed type (NC). Now limit switchers are NC (switch conducting -> motion allowed, switch open -> motion stops).
    • Fix an issue where AC/BLDC motor initialization could become incorrectly phased when Hall sensors are enabled
    • Address an issue where torque was 5% lower than setpoint with TBW parameter value of 4700 Hz

Get it from here.

Firmware Monday!

We have released new firmware files for Argon and Ioni today. Also Granity has been updated.

Argon V2.0.0 beta 4

All reported bugs have been addressed. Beta 4 is a release candidate and it will become official 2.0 if no further problems are found. Once tested, please send feedback about it (email or comment here, also please tell which control mode you are using: torque, velocity or position). Or give vote on the poll on the right sidebar. Get the firmware from here.

Ioni V1.3.0

This update includes lots of changes since the last release. For full change log and downloads, see this wiki page. Feedback is very welcome.

Granity 1.9

The latest Granity includes support for the Ioni V1.3.0 as well as some improvements. Starting from this release, it includes also Linux version!

The name is IONI Pro HC

Thousands thanks for contributing premium name suggestions! After a lot of consideration we chose to go with IONI Pro HC ending after drive model because:

  • HC extension indicates about something additional to original model. We didn’t want to remove “Pro” from the name to avoid confusion.
  • Short and simple
  • Works also with non-pro version (IONI HC)
  • Logical and extensible, maybe we add IONI Pro HV (high voltage) someday

Oddly, Pro HC ending never crossed my mind, I was just thinking HC Pro which I didn’t like that much. Pro HC was suggested by Thomas in Facebook comments. Congratulations for your very first serial numbered IONI Pro HC drive!

We’ll keep the other names in reserve for possible future use. If your contribution is picked later, you will be rewarded for sure.

Last chance to utilize the web shop launch discounts

Tomorrow (Friday 9 Oct) is the last day the new web shop launch campaign is running. So act now to avoid missing it! Also, SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter (SMV2USB) is now back in stock in large quantities.

GD at ELKOM exhibition

GD at ELKOM exhibition

On the other news, we have got a very positive visit to ELKOM exhibition at Helsinki during 6-8 Oct. To celebrate the fair, we are giving extra 5% off from Argon drives before 9 Oct with coupon code “ELKOM”.

High current IONI model in production

We will be soon receiving a pilot batch of the new enhanced IONI model with the best-in-class power MOSFET transistors to increase the current capacity. Other change is an increase of voltage sense range, which will allow few volts more usable voltage range.

We’re thinking the naming of it. I thinki IONI HC Pro would sound clumsy. Perhaps something like IONI XPro would suit better. What do you think? Or perhaps give an idea in comments. If your suggestion is chosen, you will win a free high current IONI with the very first serial number!

Update: we will arrange a poll within our staff to pick the winner! All entries before Monday 12 October will make it to the voting. Keep the ideas coming!

New web shop opened!

All new web shop has been opened a moment ago! Be sure not to miss the opening celebration discounts of the most popular items.

Improvements over the old shop: cheaper shipping, automatic discounts, automatic shipping (read: faster) and more.

The new web shop. The site is also mobile friendly.

The new web shop. The site is also mobile friendly.

Argon firmware 1.4.2 released

While we’re finalizing the Argon firmware 2.0 for official release, we have brought several of the 2.0’s fixes and improvements to the current official firmware version 1.4.2. Get it from the wiki!

Standard firmware version

  • Fixes & adjustments:
    • Added additional protection interlocks for drive’s internal in-rush limiter (reliability improvement)
    • Reduce sensitivity of resolver feedback device no-signal failure (fault location code 890101)
    • Increased upper limit of HV DC bus supply (parameter FOV increased)
    • Effectiveness of regenerative resistor improved
    • Speed of Phasing a.k.a. phase search increased
    • Current setpoint during Phasing a.k.a. phase search reduced to reduce unnecessary motor heating during power-on

Racing simulator special version

  • Additional changes to simulator wheel special version:
    • Eliminate Phasing a.k.a. phase search error in 110-120 VAC power networks
    • Duty cycle limit parameter (6110) now has 200% scale in 110-120 VAC power networks to have equal effect compared to 220-240 VAC networks

For those who don’t know yet, Argon is being used in many professional racing simulator systems. For introduction, see the comparison below:


Argon stock status announcement

Dear Granite Devices customers, we have temporarily ran out of Argon servo drives recently due to increased popularity (great!) and unfavorable variations in the production time (not so cool) occurring at the same time. A longer than usual production lead time is caused by limited stock availability of certain third party electric components. We have to wait until beginning of August to receive new 300 pcs delivery of Argon drives.

However, we have kept back a small number of Argons for emergency needs. If you need one very urgently and absolutely can’t wait for the delayed delivery, contact us by email at sales (at) Those who have ordered the drive before the outage and are waiting over the unexpected delay will receive a 100 euro discount/refund per drive as compensation. Discounted orders are the ones made between the dates 13.6 and 25.6.

To reduce greatly the chance of outages in the future, we are starting to stock the most critical components in order reduce lead time variations.

Meanwhile all IONI series products are in stock and shipping normally. If you wish to change your order from ARGON to IONI, or make other changes to your order, please drop us email.