Argon stock status announcement

Dear Granite Devices customers, we have temporarily ran out of Argon servo drives recently due to increased popularity (great!) and unfavorable variations in the production time (not so cool) occurring at the same time. A longer than usual production lead time is caused by limited stock availability of certain third party electric components. We have to wait until beginning of August to receive new 300 pcs delivery of Argon drives.

However, we have kept back a small number of Argons for emergency needs. If you need one very urgently and absolutely can’t wait for the delayed delivery, contact us by email at sales (at) Those who have ordered the drive before the outage and are waiting over the unexpected delay will receive a 100 euro discount/refund per drive as compensation. Discounted orders are the ones made between the dates 13.6 and 25.6.

To reduce greatly the chance of outages in the future, we are starting to stock the most critical components in order reduce lead time variations.

Meanwhile all IONI series products are in stock and shipping normally. If you wish to change your order from ARGON to IONI, or make other changes to your order, please drop us email.

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