IONI plans

As we are expecting the release candidate prototypes of IONI arrive any moment now on the first week of December according to factory, it’s good to shed light to the plans regarding the drive.

Here is a draft of one option: we launch a standard model which has all the features we have implemented to the date (pretty much all the stuff that Argon has) and a Pro version where we add sophisticated features that may be useful for the most demanding applications.

The IONI and IONI Pro plan

One possible variation model for IONI and IONI Pro

One might wonder why not to put everything into the one model. The reasons for separating the models into different price versions traces back to the cost. There will be cost of development and support that affect the Pro version price. Support is the main factor here. More sophisticated features inevitably generate more support overhead and that costs our time. If a customer buys lots of drives, then price of the two will become nearly same as the difference in support becomes near equal.

And the good news for early birds: as the implementation of Pro features will begin after standard IONI model launch, and there is no much extra in Pro, the early bird users will be receiving the Pro version at the price of standard model :-)

18 thoughts on “IONI plans

  1. Could you give a hint on the prices of these modules? I’m quite interested, but it depends on the price if I go for this system.

    • Of course. We’re targetting the standard model around 120 eur and Pro maybe 30-40 eur more. These are not final prices yet as hardware production cost has still couple uncertainties.

    • Specs approximately 5-55 VDC and continuous current ~6A, peak maybe 10A+. These will be specified after we get the final protos.

    • Yes, but not right after launch. Stepper support will be implemented later and upgradeable to all sold units. That’s why IONI has four power stage channels.

      • I look forward to trying it as a stepper driver.
        Will it be able to work open loop (no encoder)?

        • Definitely yes. Making it drive steppers is the reason why it has four power lanes instead of three (three would be enough for DC and AC servos).

  2. Is the amp output at IONI (1 / 1plus) as high as VSD-XE, or only at IONI 2 / 2plus? When will you offer IONI 2 with the higher power? (You spoke of two performance variants).

  3. I’m ready to order :)

    Will the Ioni be able to do dual dc mode for smaller motors?
    Is there a estimated date on the Ionosphere (mother board)?

    I love the idea of providing open source PCB designs for the Ionosphere so we can play and modify it if we want/need to.

    • DualDC is not possible with IONI hardware. However, as cost of drive is already much lower than VSD-E, you will get 2 motors driven nearly same cost and with better set of features.

  4. Hello from Switzerland to make it short. I do make an small project, it is called opensimwheel and for this project i would need the Argon big one :-). Now in my Forum they where telling me that with the VSD-E it would get cheaper but more limited to the mige servo that i gone use for it. Now to my question is this IONI gone be the follow up for the VSD-E and if so how close will it get to the Argon big one :-) ? I do need 19A output. and how much would be an combo IONI motherboard and 1x ioni card?
    Thx in advanced for your quck answer and please send your answer to my privat mail
    With regards
    Joerg Mani

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