Something completely different – Laser diode driver!

Along motor controllers, we have been designing a laser diode driver. Laser diode driver, or LDD, is basically a current regulator that is used to drive constant or pulsed current to a semiconductor diode that emits laser light.

Intensify Nx50 laser diode driver delivers continuous current of 50 A at exceptional 95% efficiency.

Intensify Nx50 laser diode driver delivers continuous current of 50 A at exceptional 95% efficiency.

The story behind this is the fact that I have been working close to laser diode industry where I get understanding of how laser diodes are utilized and controlled, as well as expertise of precision current control from motor drives. Combining these two makes it almost trivial to make a new kind of LDD that has never seen before.

Intenisify Nx50 laser diode driver delivers up to 150 A continuous current when three boards are connected parallel by stacking

Three Nx50’s stacked forming a 0 – 150 A driver.

The product is now finished and it’s called Intensify Nx50. It has unique ability to be stacked to increase output rating. Single board outputs current between 0 – 50 A and voltage between 0.8 – 5.0 V. Two of them output 0 – 100 A / 0.8 – 5.0 V and three 0 -150 / A 0.8 – 5.0 V etc.

Funny observation from testing of 150 A driver in pulsed mode is that the thick cables tend to physically move due to magnetic force generated by flowing current. When current flows in parallel conductors in opposite directions, cables repel each other. It takes hefty amount of current to feel and see it :)

9 thoughts on “Something completely different – Laser diode driver!

  1. Fantastic! As one immediately thinks of precision spark erosion equipment. For example, I need this. If that is with a spherical universal electrode, which has many fine holes for the salt solution, I can build my own EDM system soon. Something else: Today defense should look different than in the past! Laser-defense systems bring suffering, and no peace. (I don’t want to annoy).
    Best Regards

    • Good to see applications & projects emerge :)

      I’m not expert of defense tech and how they use lasers but I guess they’re mostly serve compact & coherent light sources, not something that directly tries to do any damage. When laser was invented, it was supposed to be a “death ray” but it proved to be lousy death ray and it turned out to be more like a “life ray”.

  2. Hi Tero.

    Since you have working closer to laser industry, any laser diode have power enough to do “additive manufacturing” (3d metal printing)?

  3. Hello, Tero.

    Since recently I have been developing a power source for a powerful laser that will be used for medical purposes. I need a power supply with an output power of 1.5 kW. I see you have 3 phases on one board, and the current is stabilized by the current sensor, so I understand? What recommendations can you have for my development, can you recommend what literature to read. could you contact me by mail and there I will tell you in detail about the problems that have arisen during the design.

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