ION development progress

ION development has been very active in the last 2 weeks. Last achievements are the implementation of ADC readouts and power stage control. Both were discovered to have some schematics & layout errors, but that’s why people make prototypes.

Ion development rig as it exists today

Ion development rig as it exists today. Tiny jump wires on ION board have appeared.

After fixing the issues by PCB trace cuts and jump wires, the drive seems fully healthy. ADC readout of phase currents seems to perform well with extremely low noise and power stage seems to exceed the initial capability calculations. At the moment power stage temperature is 63 degrees Celsius while it outputs 8 A continuous current to the stepper. Some air flow is present from the fan behind the motor.

4 thoughts on “ION development progress

  1. This is currently the most exciting site on the internet – I look daily about.
    If, in the future, even those not forget the need for DC motors 40A-peak,
    but need at 60V?
    Best regards from Herford in Germany.
    K. S.

    • Glad to hear so! I hope I have chance to post more frequently :)

      VSD-E currently can do 40A peak for DC motors. There will be variations of ION with higher power too (and possibly with parallelizable outputs) but it’s too early to speculate their actual ratings yet.

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