The very first ION servo drive

Good news! The very first fully assembled ION servo drive boards have arrived. I jumped straight to programming the thing. Few parts of code have been already ported from Argon and everything has worked flawlessly so far.

The very first ION board fully assembled in its creator's hand

The very first ION board fully assembled in its creator’s hand

The drive is equipped with ARM Cortex M4 processor with hardware floating point unit (FPU). I ran small test of FPU performance and found out that simple floating point arithmetic operations execute 20-30 times faster compared to non-FPU code. This means, all control code can be written with floating point math yielding ultimate precision and dynamic range without sacrificing servo bandwidth.

6 thoughts on “The very first ION servo drive

  1. That’s excellent! I appreciate it’s still under development, but wondered whether the anticipated 5A continuous current is peak or RMS current? Any idea on max current?

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    • The price target for the device under development is “less than VSD-E”. More of this can be told once HW design is final and we receive manufacturing quotes.

      The plan is to make several versions of ION with different capabilities and prices.

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