IONI now measures motor resistance and inductance

IONI drive firmware release 1.1.0 brings a new useful feature that automatically measures motor characteristic resistance and inductance and completely takes the guesswork out of torque controller tuning.

Now it takes single click to auto-set resistance and inductance

It takes single click to auto-set resistance and inductance

The equation that defines inductor

The definition of inductance

Using automatic measure is the new recommended approach to set MR and ML parameters accurately even when motor data sheet would provide these values. This is because many data sheets unfortunately provide inaccurate values. Some manufacturers have apparently characterized motor inductance at high frequency range (hundreds of kHz) which typically gives a value more than 50% off from the real inductance.

Having accurate values also opens doors for sophisticated stepping motor control features such as advanced vibration damping which rely on accurate motor characteristics. This is a subject for another update!

5 thoughts on “IONI now measures motor resistance and inductance

  1. So it does measure the resistance and inductance of the cables as well? However measured values are pretty close to data sheet values for my motor. Think that is good :)

    • Cables affect to the result and it should because drive sees them together anyways. So including them in the values gives better torque tuning.

  2. Wow, I need to throw my RLC meter away.

    Can you transfer this feature to Argon?

    BTW, I noticed that during measurement of inductance with L meter, if I turn motor’s shaft in different angle and measure, it will give you different value also.

    The question is which value is correct for ML parameter, among highest, lowest or average value.


    • Good to hear your feedback :)

      We start syncing IONI features to Argon FW starting from the next release, but no dates yet when everything is done. BTW, today we started implementing the Sin/Cos encoder support which will come to both drives pretty soon when it’s ready.

      How much the value inductance changes depending on angle? If its ~10% or less, then it’s close enough anyways. No need to be more accurate.

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