CNC router test with IONI Pro

During Easter weekend I was testing IONI on my own DIY CNC router. Steppers ran above 2000 rpm making the machine run faster than it ever has.

IONI has native resolution of 25600 steps/rev (or 128 fold microstepping), which may lead to insufficient step rate from the CNC controller. In my case the LinuxCNC was able to generate only 33 kHz step rate, so step mutliplier in drive has been cranked up to 25x. This normally would reduce microstepping and cause noisy operation, but not with IONI when setpoint smoothing feature is turned on. At 0:32 you will see a comparison between setpoint smoothing off and on.

Special thanks to Aki for video editing!

2 thoughts on “CNC router test with IONI Pro

  1. Are you going to be able to test steppers in servo mode? From what I’ve read, it should give a nice torque boost at higher speeds.

    (BTW, I am going to be having fun with a cool stage: stepper motor + 50nm MIcroE linear encoder. The encoder has one odd feature: it uses RS422 differential drivers for the limits)

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