The first shipments

The first Argon units were shipped today! This is the last production batch which is distributed directly from Tampere because in the future we will use a warehousing & fulfillment service which yields faster delivery times around the world.

The first Argon units packaged & ready to go!

The first Argon units packaged & ready to go!

On the next post I will give a preview version of Granity software for download. Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “The first shipments

  1. One is mine!
    As now clients will receive the units, at least a sample connection diagram should be done, because in the meanwhile we can start connecting/passing wires so that the use of the drives will be as fast as possible while the software is being produced.

  2. and one is mine too :-D

    tero did you get my message on the “contact us” page sales site about my order,
    command name KOLARIK Matus ?

  3. I already received the drives! Very fast.
    They look ok and now I am already installing them.

    As I am passing and ordering cables, so that I get all working as fast as possible, I really need to know there the cable from the drive with the encoder information to the controller go from (in what connector). In my case I will use the drive in velocity mode and the loop will be closed in the controller.

    Thank you

  4. Just a remark: The J1 connector was received, but not its cover… does not make too much sense as the cover is probably 0.10€. Searching for it will now be much more time consuming than receiving it in the first place.

    • Actually its not a mistake. I bought several D-sub hoods to find out which would be suitable to be insterted in the package. The cheapest ones are very bad and the cheapest decent looking costs nearly 2 eur/pcs in a large volume so I decided to leave it out. The original purpose to include a minimalistic connectors set was merely to elimiate the wait before drive can be made operational. So one may use the bare D-sub as temporary solution and add a hood of his preference later.

      However, if the majority prefers the 2 eur hood to come with package, then we’ll add them :)

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