The new beginning!

Today the first prototype PCB’s of upcoming Ion servo drives have arrived! Ion will fill the void in the smaller drive range and will lead to cost efficient solution for sub-400 W power class. Ion exhibits 64 pin PCI-Express card edge connector (not electrically PCI-e) allowing design of multi-axis “motion motherboard” with easily interfaced connectors.

The first Ion model has been designed for 5-55 VDC supply voltage and 5 A continuous current. Ion has four power lanes which makes it possible to drive also stepping motors.

The very first Ion servo drive circuit boards

The very first Ion servo drive circuit boards waiting to be equipped

Random Ion PCB facts:

  • 6 signal layers
  • Trace/space 6 mils
  • 526 drilled holes, smallest 0.15 mm
  • 139 surface mount components (double sided assembly)
  • 600+ solder joints
  • Size 71×36 mm

11 thoughts on “The new beginning!

  1. It is really nice device but it depends on the end price tag. If it would solve my problem of controlling old but unused servo drive with tachometer, parking brake and optical incremental encoder and be of reasonable price I will be very happy. Argon is excellent device but 600 euros per axis is little too steep for home use as I would need three of these devices. So I will be watching this project.

    • That is exactly why Ion is being developed. While Argon could be one hammer for all problems, it may be bit excessive in some cases. Ion series aims to reduce bells and whistles which will reflect to price tag too.

      BTW, Argon is 489 eur/pcs before taxes at 1 pcs quantity. Volume discounts start above 5 pcs.

  2. Will there be a dual feedback option? Also, will it be possible to mix Argons and Ions on the same machine?

    • Argon and Ion will operate together seamlessly. Both use same SimpleMotion V2 protocol thus they be mixed together in same serial link. Also there is no problems using traditional low level I/O controls when both drives are in the system.

      Dual feedback could be supported with some limitations due to hardware. However, implementing that is not the priority so no promises on that at the moment.

    • Yes Ion has analog inputs. Break out board will be in form of mother board. So drives plug directly to MoBo and no other electronics is needed in minimum setup to create CNC or other motion control app.

  3. The Ion looks amazing for such a small footprint!

    Will there be one that will be in the same voltage and current rating as the VSD-XE?

    Will it need a heat-sink?

    • Thanks! Ion series probably won’t see heat sinked version. The strategy is to use lower conduction loss MOSFETs which generate less heat.

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