New ATOMI servo & stepper drive boards are here!

Earlier announced ATOMI is finally getting the focus it deserves! Now we have second revision boards under our scope for testing and firmware development. From initial tests, we can tell that we’re very close to the final design. At the moment it looks like we need only to change one resistor value on the PCB to make it final.

ATOMI boards along with 400W AC servo motor and IONI Pro HC drive

Four axis drive ATOMI boards along with 400W AC servo motor and IONI Pro HC drive

We can thank Esa Hippolin from the beautiful hardware design.

9 thoughts on “New ATOMI servo & stepper drive boards are here!

  1. This is exciting. Atomi looked nice when you announced it but I thought it was only for stepper motors – servo support suddenly makes it very interesting! I like the very low profile. I see Mini-USB – is that an interface or for 5v power? What functionality do the buttons have? I’m looking forward to this one :)

  2. integrated usb to simplemotion adapter? interesting product :) I’m curious to see the final specs!

  3. I wish a great New Year’s Eve party
    Could it be possible to parallelize each 2 of the 4 elements?
    – With the goal of running 2 40A brush DC motors with a single ATOMI?
    Or 4 pcs of 40A brush DC motor with 2 ATOMI?
    All the best and a happy New Year from Herford, Germany

    • Hi Klaus!

      Atomi can parallel two PWM channels as one in brush DC motor just like IONI. You could get 40A from IONI Pro HC with little help of special firmware that we can deliver (no guarantee however, haven’t tested that high so far).

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