Perfecting BLDC performance

Something cool is under development relating to BLDC (brushless DC) motors. BLDC is similar technology to sinusoidal AC motors but with trapezoidal voltage waveform. This makes BLDC little bit smaller and usually cheaper than AC motor.

BLDC torque simulation with FEMM

While I’m typing this, in running a FEM simulation of outrunner BLDC motor to optimize the electrical commutation phase angle for such motor. Iterative simulation takes some 20 hours to compute.

Finding optimum commutation angle makes it possible to implement MTPA (maximum torque per amp) drive algorithm for such engines. Such efficiency boost might be very beneficial especially in battery powered applications such as multicopters, but of course it also will benefitĀ  squeezing more out of the existing motors. More about that later!

6 thoughts on “Perfecting BLDC performance

    • Simulation still running with higher precision than before. A programming error ruined results of my last simulation that took a weekend to compute. But that happens :)

      • hello sir, can i have this femm project, can u email this work to me, because right now im doin some research about FEA of bldc motor by using FEMM software,
        i really need this …. please help me .

        thx in advance,

        • i just leave my email here,
          if anyone who happened drop by here and willing to help me , please email me, such a great favor if u guys can help me , im in urgent right now to have this bldc work..

          thx in advance

      • What were you results, did you learn anything worth mentioning? Are you able to deduce losses from your result? I would also be interested in your results

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