IONIs are here!

No words needed, but I write anyways! Today is the day when first production candidate IONI drives arrived. Few minutes after arrival, the first motor was spinning with great success.

The production candidate IONI drives

The production candidate IONI drives

So far everything is looking very good. Someone please come and tie me to the chair so I can stop floating around!

11 thoughts on “IONIs are here!

  1. That’s brilliant! Great news… Can’t wait to get hold of them :)

    Is it likely that the max. input voltage will be reduced? I’m just looking at power supplies – do you have any recommendations?



    • Oh, one more question while I’m at it; I see some indicator LED’s there. Is there any facility built into Ionicube to either repeat those signals elsewhere or to hold a light fiber so they can be transmitted to the front panel?

      Many thanks,


      • Leds on drives are just surface mount parts on the edge of board. Fiber attachment could be achieved by the help of some snap-on holder (maybe some 3d-printed part).

        Motherboard has 4 leds on the RJ45 connector block.

  2. As one of the servo wheel guys waiting for this, I couldn’t be happier! Well done!

  3. Moro Tero,
    Great progress, can hardly wait for next updates. They look really nice :)

    Kind regards,
    Phillip Metso

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