It’s now called IONICUBE and it’s here!

As title says, the former IONISPHERE motherboard for IONI drives is now renamed as IONICUBE which describes the shape better :) Thanks you João for sharing the idea in comments, you will get one set for free once ready!

Changes from the prototype are mainly

  • Fine-tune PCB layout
  • Larger power connector
  • 1.5 Amp vs 0.5 Amp voltage regulator for power hungry encoders
  • Connector for external braking resistor if on-board resistor should become insufficient
IONICUBE on a steel table with coney comb vibration dampening structure inside

Factory made IONICUBE on a nice steel table with some honey comb vibration dampening structure inside

Now we’re just waiting IONI prototypes to arrive (expecting on the next week). Feels like Christmas is early this year :)

7 thoughts on “It’s now called IONICUBE and it’s here!

  1. Good work!
    Btw, can we get some more info on that honey comb vibration dampening structure..

  2. Very exciting!
    Looking forward to getting one for Christmas :)
    Will they be in the web store when they arrive, or should we be emailing you/Santa?

    • Sure they will be on web shop as soon as possible! Also it will be announced in Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin so you won’t miss it :)

      I believe first final product deliveries can ship on January as we’re expecting just the prototype run to arrive now.

  3. What about external bridge/inverter for bigger device? These transistors look quite small and the PCB connector too. I have been looking at drives for 5 kw BLAC motors and there is not much in compatible range.

    Also what is the difference between this one MCU setup and Argon two MCU?


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