Adaptive current limit

We have been experimenting with adaptive current limit on IONI prototypes. This means there isn’t fixed specifications saying how much current drive outputs continuously and peak but there is just one specification: maximum. Drive will allow maximum output if it runs cool enough and will start throttling down current if temperature rises beyond certain level. This means, if you cool it well, you will get lots of power.

So far it seems to be working very nicely! See the video below.

As we were now able to push prototypes to their limits without worrying to break the only units, it turned out that we have been underestimating them! Without cooling it seems to output approx 9-10 Amps and with cooling 15 Amps (actually it could go higher but the lab power supply ran out of juice). What do you think about this?

7 thoughts on “Adaptive current limit

  1. Brilliant!

    Will it be possible to use thermistors to monitor motor temp with Ioni and Ionicube?

    Is Ioni capable of field oriented control?

    Kind regards,


    • No thermistor input is present but would be possible by sacrificing one IO pin. All drives starting from VSD-A do field oriented control.

  2. Moro again Tero,
    Every post more and more impressive, IONI is proving itself to be a worthy replacement for the Argon for direct drive FFB wheel applications.

    I cannot wait to start testing this, especially with external driver! I think this one is destined for ultimate glory for us :)

    Talk soon.

    Kind regards,
    Phillip Metso

  3. 15Amps! That is great! Especially from such a small board.

    Maybe you can do some more magic and up the voltage too :)

    Very eager to get some to play with.

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