Single axis IONI motherboard

Yes, we agree that a single axis motherboard for IONI would be very handy for so many things. We’re absolutely designing one. Here is a quick illustration of how it might look like.

Layout scetch of single axis IONI motherboard

Layout sketch of single axis IONI motherboard

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7 thoughts on “Single axis IONI motherboard

  1. Yes, that’s something I would like. We are constructing a large CNC machine at the moment and having all H-bridges in a central location is not really an option. Making the switching loops short is a better aproach here, e.g. bringing the power electronics close to the actuators. Since we want to make the machine compatible with our controller, we will submitt Step/Dir via differential signaling over twisted pair wires, that are more then 20m long. So it would be nice if the board would allow an easy connection of our interface pcb board by providing non isolated +5VDC, GND and all required IO pins.

    • Good to hear your actual use case! We’re thinking to put I/O on IDC pin header where signals are single ended but provide also voltage output for extension circuity.

  2. This is definitely what the simracing comunity is waiting for (myself included), single drive ioni with high amperage capacity, not so high on voltage though (36-48 V)

  3. Yep, as you know Tero, I am also eagerly awaiting this single IONI board and drive for the direct drive force feedback wheel.

    Let me know how things are.

    Kind regards,
    Phillip – Metso Australia

  4. Are we going to be able to use a resolver with an adapter similar to the way Argon works?

    • No, at least with the same adapter. However, resolver support could be done with different adapter design some day.

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