IONI documentation in the works

While we wait the first production batch to arrive, it’s good time to make the documentation. Thankfully IONICUBE makes things so simple that it’s an easy job!

Typical step/dir based CNC system with IONICUBE

Typical step/dir based CNC system with IONICUBE

If we succeed with Mach4 plug-in (and perhaps for some other software too), then it becomes even simpler.

11 thoughts on “IONI documentation in the works

  1. Great work there!

    Will you offer 1 slot motherboard too (like prototype) or can you share the schematics?

    Bye, Franc

    • Yes, that is on the plans (at least we put the design open source, not decided if we make assembled units).

  2. Very exciting!
    Can’t wait to get mine :)

    Can you post a few of the specs, with all the fancy tuning and tweaking?
    50V (70V effective)?
    15-20A (Adaptive)?

    Are there plans for a 100V+ version? I don’t suppose it is as easy as different FETs?

    • The specs will be on the Wiki shortly, and it will be announced on this blog when they’re final :)

      You’re on right track with specs. Supply voltage 5-55VDC, max current ~15A. 100V version should be quite straightforward and we will experiment with that once first model is out! The only doubt is the galvanic isolation which might be very nice on higher voltage (IONICUBE is not galvanically isolated).

  3. Since we are talking specs here… Does the high PWM frequency allow usage of the ServoDisc type motor with <100 uH inductance without an external inductor?

    • < 100 ┬ÁH would need hundreds of kiloherzs PWM to be directly driven. So inductor is still needed in most cases.

      • Thanks for the answer. Also: Wow! Are the drive electronics for the ServoDisc really running their PWM that fast??

        Are there any detrimental effects for putting an inductor in-line with such a motor and then usin IONI?

  4. Well Tero,
    It keeps getting better and better :)

    Not only will I use IONI for Ion-drive, my diy direct- drive force feedback wheel in iracing, but also on the 4 axis of my diy CNC milling machine.

    Good times for us modder-types, thank you!

    Phillip Metso Australia

  5. IONICUBE looks very promising for Mach users.
    Is IONI board capable of velocity control via analog (for instance -/+10V)???

    • Indeed, CNC users have been accounted well in IONICUBE. Analog velocity control is also possible for all axes through it.

  6. Hello!

    February is over and no Ioni arrived yet.
    Is there any news about the delay?

    Bye, Franc

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