SimuCUBE final hardware has just born

Today we received the first samples of final SimuCUBE board designs. Testing of it shows no flaws so we’re giving the green light for the first 250 pcs batch assembly! All parts are already in stock, so assembly should not take too many days.

SimuCUBE with the needle bed SimuCUBE production tester device

SimuCUBE with the needle bed SimuCUBE production tester device

The photo above shows also the work-in-progress test bed for SimuCUBE that will be used to test & verify the operation of every shipped SimuCUBE. The device under test will be placed on the top of the bed and the spring loaded pins will contact certain pads on the bottom of the SimuCUBE board to allow tester to contact all necessary signals at once.

One thought on “SimuCUBE final hardware has just born

  1. Hi
    Ioni pro hc and Simucube looks great, those products look like artworks. May I ask, what software have you used to develop such wonderful products? Did you develop them with Pads?

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