Only testing routine to go!

More Argon drives have arrived. Mandatory parts of lab tests with the new hardware are done and everything is looking good hardware point of view!

More Argon drives

More Argon drives

The only thing remaining before the drives are placed on sale & ready for shipment is finalization of the testing routine. As mentioned in earlier posts, every aspect of the drives must be verified before they’re good to go. Nothing is left on chance.

Amounts of items returned is not just a number for us. We take testing & quality very seriously because we don’t want (and don’t have) many returns due to defects. Having >99% yield helps to save our time and also leads to reduced cost to customer. I think it’s also nice to buy hardware you can count on :)

3 thoughts on “Only testing routine to go!

  1. the test routine will be available to buyers?
    in order to carry a diagnosis during the life of the driver (exp after a crach Machine)

    • There would be no problem providing it (it comes in firmware code) but it requires some special external hardware to complete the tests. So in practice the answer is no.

      However it’s not a huge problem as Granity software displays state of all digital & analog I/O’s so user can easily verify functioning of the pins. (The most typical hardware problem is that user can’t get some signal thru to the device.)

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