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Please see the poll on the right side of this page. I’m pondering whether we should put mating connectors┬áin the drive package. Screw terminals for J3 and J4 are included, but now I’m thinking whether or not to put also J1 (15 pin D-sub + hood) and J5 (26 pin IDC + ribbon cable) in the package.

In case of screw terminals the choice is easy as they’re always needed. But not everyone wants/needs to use the included J1 / J5 which may lead to partial waste.

Update 25.6.2013: ordered today D-sub connectors (without hood), 26 pin IDC connector (without ribbon cable) and emi suppression cores that will be included in the package. These should let people get started out-of-the-box. Thank you everyone sharing your opinions!

5 thoughts on “New poll

  1. Can you leave the choice to buy drivers with or without connectors in the shop page?
    Everyone can select according to their needs

  2. It should be always present in my opinion in the drive package and still on the web page. Why: when you buy the drive, probably you will not check that you need the connector A, B and C and so on. You wait 1 week to the drive to arrive and then…. ohh you still need the connector that will also take 1 week and cost more in transport than if already present on the first package.
    OR when ordering the drive, it should be clearly stated what are the needed parts not included on the package.

  3. I like the way you design things, mostly you use off-the-shelf parts, simple as DIY style. In previous version, I have many motors ready to experiment because I have many soldered D-Sub connector with the motor’s cable end.

    In Argon version, you still using those common connectors, so I can get them locally, even cheaper than Farnell.

    In my case, please don’t put them in the box, so you can pack Argon nice and easy without worry about scratch and dent on its body.

    Again, it is only my case, but other fellows might have a difficulty to get those parts in their area. So put them as an option will be suit for both parties.

  4. In the case of the IDC connector I’d leave them out. Inevitably, everyone will want different cable lengths. Some may want to split the cable to some combination of DB9/DB16/DB26 to IDC connector, others might go to a custom PCB. IDC connectors + ribbon cable are very easy to assemble.

    Regarding the 15 pin D-sub, I’d like to see that included. I can’t speak for others, but for myself and 99% of my customers it will be required.

    I usually ask customers if they need connectors, and supply them as required so that should reduce the possibility of having the drive arrive but being unable to install for lack of connectors.



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