Press photos

Here are some fresh product photos of the Argon servo drive. Special thanks to Aki Korhonen for photography! Check out his blog for more amazing stuff.

Argon in all its glory. It's not a render!

Argon in all its glory. It’s not a render! © Aki Korhonen

A multi-axis setup with sinle SimpleMotion V2 link.

A multi-axis setup with sinle SimpleMotion V2 link. © Aki Korhonen

8 thoughts on “Press photos

  1. The multi-axis setup will get hot as most of the cooling holes are closed by others drives. Were I am now is almost 40ºC inside a warehouse.

    Now the big question. After so many delays (I think I saw long time ago that the drive would be released in late 2012) when will be the release date? I understand that it gives a lot of work, but it is better to give a long release time, than to say next week and in the next week nothing happens.

    • Yes, second image is just for illustration, not practical installation.

      Its also really a pity that time estimates have prolonged so many times. I feel I need to give a discount for those waiting so long.

      • At the risk of sounding unpopular, I think the people that want to buy cutting edge (without the bleeding edge ;) ) technology know there is no such thing as a definite release date on such projects. Planning on R&D projects is a nightmare, not only because you have to rely on other parties (assembly houses, packaging, etc) to get the job done in time, considering they are also building this product for the first time. But also because there will always be unexpected problems with new products. The difference is that you (GD) are willing to push back the release to solve these problems, where other companies would consider releasing and fixing problems later on, resulting in frustrated customers/distributors. The manufacturing and delivery process is still in the startup phase and cannot be at full steam in an instant. In conclusion: a discount would be nice (of course), but not mandatory or required in my opinion.

        • Exactly!

          I have experience working on tech development projects with dead lines with only month or two safety margin. Most of them had to be shipped unfinished (and still late), and I hated that.

  2. The drive rated, 25A or 5kVA peak, is so stunning! Hope that, when it runs in position mode, it will benefit from this max value. BTW, How much for continue current?

    • One should not take machine label numbers as specifications as they include the worst case currents & powers (including inrush current when plugged in).

      For example my mobile phone charger is rated for 240VAC 0.15A input (calculated 36W) but it outputs 5V 1A (5 Watts).

      For actual drive specs, see:

      One note about ratings: we are starting specs with very careful output limits. There is some headroom in hardware and we can raise the limits in firmware later if it seems safe. If this should happen, then all sold drives from the first unit will get upgraded ratings.

  3. You have some advancement news driver tests ?
    How many drivers are ok for the start? :-D

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