Acrylic cases for SimuCUBE system

We’re working on to make a reference design of acrylic enclosure for a SimuCUBE system. The box will fit all necessary force feedback system electronics, including a 320 W power supply. In our tests 320 W was fully sufficient for a 20 Nm wheel and well usable also with higher torque systems with power draw limit of IONI.

Work in progress acrylic case for SimuCUBE system

Work in progress acrylic case for SimuCUBE system. Design by Aki Korhonen.

Connector side

Connector side. Design by Aki Korhonen.

The plan is to eventually offer a kit of all components, SimuCUBE + IONI Pro HC + PSU + case parts. Stay tuned!

16 thoughts on “Acrylic cases for SimuCUBE system

  1. Oh boy, I can’t wait any longer!
    How will the price compare to a x1 motherboard and Ioni?

    • Based on manufacturing quotes, we expect SimuCUBE board to sell at 150-160 eur. In overall, SimuCUBE based system should be in par, or cheaper than earlier solutions.

  2. Hi Im driving the OSW “Argon” since more than an half year. what is the major difference with this cube?
    which software do i have to use when i decide to buy one`? What is the price of the cube?


    • The main difference is integration into a simple & compact package. In performance Argon & other IONI based systems should be about same. For start, it will run MMos FW but we’ll work on OS FW alternative to that when HW is ready.

      For price, see my earlier reply here :)

    • Yes, new IONI firmware gets power consumption limit so it can operate reliably on 320W PSU. In fast wheel turns with high torque drive will clip torque with 320W but we’ll do some tests with that exact combo to see if it is anything to worry about.

      • Thanks Tero. I have a ACS CM3 system (ACS motion controller + 3 servo drives in a big box) that has a fan that sounds like a jet airplane — yuck! I need to investigate replacing that fan.

        Since I’m not a simulated or real racer, I’m skipping this campaign but congratulations :)

  3. 320W is probably gonna cut it rather close, but then again without Amps/Voltage specs it doesn’t say much. But nice design and keep up the great work!

  4. Great work! Do you plan to provide a bundle that includes the small Mige, Emergeny Stop button and cables as an OSW kit?

    • We plan to provide a DIY kit of SimuCUBE with PSU, IONI and case but without motor & wheel etc at the moment. I hope to see full turn-key systems made by our distributors.

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