The first SimuCUBE is real!

Prototypes of SimuCUBE motherboards and acrylic case have just arrived! The first successful test drive has been done with a big smile :) We hope to have Indiegogo campaign launched on the next week. Get ready for early bird specials!

SimuCUBE front

SimuCUBE front

SimuCUBE rear

SimuCUBE rear

SimuCUBE motherboard with IONI Pro HC and 320 power supply

SimuCUBE motherboard with IONI Pro HC and 320 power supply

Construction of the acrylic case

Construction of the acrylic case

With 30 Nm peak MiGE motor

Aside with 30 Nm peak MiGE motor

Ingenious SimuCUBE hardware & enclosure design and photos by Aki.

17 thoughts on “The first SimuCUBE is real!

    • Hi Joe Sullivan, I wonder where I can contact you for a osw kit on USA. Thanks for your time.

  1. This is amazing. I plan to buy one but I’m not sure about the power supply. 320W seems a bit little. Is it strong enough to handle surge currents or might the ffb suffer?
    When do we get some more specs?

  2. I may be a bit late tho the party but again on the Topic of the PSU.. You would really (I mean REALLY) want to aim for the 200-250rpm range of final velocity output as most sims are developed with wheels in that velocity range in mind. A quick calculation gives me rough estimate of say 24V @ ~13Amps which cuts it very close -even with the efficient MiGE motors and leaves them to be too slow for quick reacting change which are vital for catxhing spins and self centering on higher speeds ingame and pretty much disallows any other reasonable motor options than the MiGE brand. Both Lenze and AKM need (1500-2500rpm spec) need around 36-48V to operate in that desired rsnge but also require a LOT more amperage (20-30A wpuld be desirable) whwre the best chouce would be at the higher end and voltage output controllable via PWM like you did on the Argon.

    I realize that you’re shooting for a decent prized, easy to use entry option here, but it won’t be something that eliminates the need for Argon or a custom build IONI based solution and will further polarize peoples opinions on the systems.

    I really don’t intend to badmouth this, but I feel like you’re missing an important piece of the puzzle here which is customization and future proofness if motor choices.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      I think that 320 W will not be enough for hard core users and I hope to see third parties making different kinds of FFB kits (also with bigger PSU). Much like they do now. It is very easy to design & fabricate the acrylic cases of different sizes so a system with 400-600 W PSU would not look much different.

      320 W is enough to produce static torque of 30 Nm on MiGE, however, producing such torque while wheel is turning will consume more power compared to static situation and then drive may start clipping torque to prevent overloading PSU. We’ll do extensive testing on that and let you know if the clipping is noticeable. We will also make PSU size recommendations for different torque levels to avoid any negative surprises

      • Correction to my above reply: by further test we saw 320 W caused some clipping of torque on 30 Nm torque, but was fully enough for 20 Nm. We added 480/500W PSU option perk for $65 to the indiegogo campaign.

  3. Come on Guys, with so many question marks over the PSU, you have to do something.

    After being excited this much, we need something a bit more future proof.
    We don’t want to get stuck with small Mige…

    You can’t close your eyes on the comments…

  4. I think you should sell 2 types of simucubes maybe one with the psu for people that want the all in one kits and another without it and make your own psu installment the problem is the acrilyc case in that case that you will need to accomodate the psu first and cut the lateral for the connectors later in that case or just sell it without the case. maybe a version with just power switch and simucube.

    • At least two case versions will be made:
      -with 320W PSU
      -with 480W PSU

      Latter case will also work with external PSU. And of course, one could just get SimuCUBE board and install it into custom case.

      More details will follow.

  5. That looks really promising! Very compact. Just getting into OSW myself and still having to wrap my head around all it. Basically with that SimuCube and PSU all I need is the right cabling and an IONI? Do you plan to offer such bundles?

    I intend to be one of those “early birds” if the price is right. The “small” mige just showed up on my door this morning, am I right to assume that PSU will be plenty enough for the small mige? Tailored even?

    Thanks! :)

    • Yes, on electronics side you would only need PSU+SimuCUBE+IONI Pro (optionally HC).

      We will offer similar bundles from the GD web store as we are now offering from the Indiegogo.

  6. I’m 100% with Tero on this one. 320watt for a wheel is already HUGE. If there is a touch of clipping in the most hardcore situations i really don’t care. Bigs PSU are expensive. Plus this would make an already dangerous product even more dangerous.

  7. What sort of power supply is required? 50V @ 600W? Or is a secondary supply also needed?

    Looks very promising.

  8. Hi.
    when is the Simucube expected to be available ?
    I am itching to purchase a direct drive wheel setup this coming December.


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