Preparing for EMC testing

Tomorrow will be a big day for Argon; it will be tested for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) standards in a test laboratory. The tests consists several measurements: radiated emissions, conducted emissions, radiated interference survival, electrostatic discharge and surge current tests.

Argon will be tested against the most stringent standards that the CE regulations specify ensuring (if passed) that it may be installed in virtually every environment without violating the regulations. For example different cable length classes exists. Some classes require testing up to 3 meter cables but I chose to use the class that requires passing all tests with 30 meter cables in addition to 1 meter cables. In some cases 1 m cables may give worse results so testing with a such short cables is also a requirement.

Milled enclosure sheet metal

Milled enclosure sheet metal

The device under test has a self rolled enclosure milled with a self made JV2 CNC router. The sole purpose of this prototype is to check fitting and provide EMI shielding during the tests. The final enclosure will have more professional finish.

Argon testing with work-in-progress enclosure

Argon testing with work-in-progress enclosure

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