Sneak peek to Granity servo tuning software

One of most important parts of the project is the Argon configuration tool Granity. The tool was originally named as GDtool 3 but that name was ditched as the software has been completely redesigned & rewritten – no single line of the old code has been spared.

 “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler” – Albert Einstein

The main focus during design of Granity is to eliminate confusing parameters and make it harder to use it wrong. I.e. the software will notify user if one forgets to click Apply button before doing step response tests. Also the parameters causing most confusion in GDtool 2.x are replaced by more understandable ones.

Surprisingly, simplifying the usage also simplified the source code. GDtool 2.5 consists 15 800 lines of code while Granity consists only 6 500. I call that progress!

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