What’s on board?

Describing it all on text would be too long and confusing, so I made a picture.

Argon functional internal layout

Argon functional internal layout

I’m sure questions will arise, so feel free to ask in comments!

8 thoughts on “What’s on board?

    • Optoisolated general purpose I/O supports voltage range of 3-24V. There are 4 such inputs and 4 outputs.

      Exception on non-isolated differential inputs (2 channel) that supports 3-5V. This is used for high speed signals such as step/dir.

  1. Any possibility to configure a filter on the fast inputs. I mean to configure the parameters of the filter. Not only to switch a filter on or off. Some times the input frequency of the Step/Dir channel is not that high, but the environment is really noisy. That’s a lack in the earlier projects.

    • Yes, its possible at least by changing filter value from open source firmware an uploading it to device. Currently no GUI settable parameter exists for that but it is doable as well.

    • The step/dir has a standard RS422 receiver so any solution that lower voltage to 0-5V range vs GND is ok. Easiest way may be resistor voltage divider (2 resistors per signal).

  2. Looks like you are using smth like infinion cortex m4f for opensource firmware, but what family cpu is granitecore? Maybe it’s smth like toshiba TMPM370 with hardware FOC? I’m very interested in hw side of argon and it’ll be great if you could tell more about hw design including final powerstage – is it solid 3phase igbt brick there? Thanks for your reply!

    • The I/O side MCU is STM32 Cortex M3 and GraniteCore runs on a Freescale motor control DSC (digital signal controller). Haven’t found hardware FOC implementations satisfactory so it’s done with hard real time software (FOC cycle time same as PWM frequency).

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